Why Listing all Holiday Items in Your Storage Matters & How to Do It


Holiday seasons come and go, leaving a slew of holiday items in their wake. While these items bring out the festive spirit in all of us, we must be the ones to eventually pack them away (again) until next year. When this dreadful time comes, making a list of holiday items in your storage will be advisable. By doing this, you will utilize your storage more wisely. If you do not know where to start this process, do not fret; read on and find out.

Why making a list of holiday items in your storage matters

The holiday season is full of joy and stress. There’s a lot to do, from organizing parties, shopping for loved ones’ presents, preparing a feast, and decorating your home. These tasks (and more) entail a great deal of stress. To minimize this sort of stress, you must stay organized and on top of things whenever possible. One of the best ways to stay organized during the holiday season is to make a list of all of the holiday items in your storage.

Another great benefit of keeping inventory of your valuable holiday items is that it will save you time and energy next time you wish to take them out. When the next holiday season arrives, you will know which holiday items you have and take them out simply by grabbing the box with the appropriate label. Lastly, if you carefully list all your holiday items, you will know where to store all of the fragile ones to protect them from damage.

Prepare before making a list of holiday items in your storage

To correctly create an inventory of your belongings, you must plan ahead of time.

· Choose an appropriate storage unit

If you have already decided on your self-storage unit, you may skip this part. However, if you have not, there are a few things you should be aware of.

There are many different self-storage units to choose from, as well as the amenities they offer you. Depending on your needs, you may require a climate-controlled one, one with top-of-the-line security systems, or simply a small one specifically for your holiday items. Ask your storage provide anything you have doubts about. Make sure you are on the same page with them regarding what you are keeping in the unit and what services you need. Once you have chosen an adequate storage unit that fits you, you may move on to the next steps.

· Declutter holiday items

Before you even consider making a list of all your holiday items, you must declutter! Decluttering is a great way to organize your house quickly, especially during the holiday season. Choosing which holiday items to keep and which to discard can be difficult. Your personal preferences and requirements will determine this; regardless, try to declutter as much as possible.

If any holiday decorations you have don’t bring you the holiday cheer, are damaged, or have lost their shine and beauty, you may discard them freely. If you discovered you have far too many holiday items, consider donating them to the less fortunate. By decluttering, you can free up space for new and better holiday items in the future.

How to make a list of holiday items in your storage the right way

· Store holiday items in sturdy bins

A crucial but often overlooked step is using sturdy and secure plastic storage bins for storing your holiday items. Using plastic bins is a clever choice. Plastic containers are relatively inexpensive, easy to come by, and come in various sizes. Making a list of your holiday items will be a breeze if you utilize such bins since they can be easily labeled and handled.

· Categorize and label all of the bins

Now that you have all the necessary bins, it’s time to categorize and label them. There are many different ways you may go about this.

You can categorize each bin by season, from Christmas to Halloween. You can also divide your holiday items by how fragile they are. On the other hand, you can dedicate different bins for objects with different purposes, such as light, decor, or memorabilia. Lastly, holiday items you are unsure of or are struggling to get rid of should be kept separately from your more valued possessions.

Labeling can be done by color-coding the lids of each bin, placing a sticky label on each container, or simply writing the appropriate tag with a permanent marker. Whatever you choose, your future self will be grateful.

· Make a list using whatever method fits you

When making a list of holiday items in your storage, there are a variety of approaches and strategies to consider. You can complete this task using any medium you are most comfortable with. Some people prefer to take notes on their phones, while others prefer the tried-and-true method of using paper and pen.

We recommend jotting down all of the different categories you chose in the previous stage, as well as the holiday items that fall under each category.

You can also choose to take note of all the holiday items you have not used this season and decide if you wish to declutter them. On the other hand, if you’ve recently acquired new holiday products, make a note of them as well. Keeping the list tidy and organized will ensure you and your storage unit stay organized. If you tend to forget where you placed which bin in your storage unit, you may also note down the location of each box so you may access it easily next season.

We are confident that making a list of holiday items in your storage will significantly help you in more ways than you would expect.

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