Self Storage & Packing Tips

Packing your items for storage can seem like a daunting task—and sometimes it is. But our storage experts over here at Space Shop Self Storage know a thing or two. These storage and packing tips will have you on the way to moving mastery in no time.

Packing Tips

Get the Right Boxes

High quality boxes and storing containers can make or break your move. Make sure you have boxes that can withstand the rigors of packing and transportation. If you’re storing clothes, make sure to use specific wardrobe boxes. Wardrobe boxes allow you to store your clothing directly on the hangers, which combats wrinkling and makes unpacking easier.

Label Your Boxes

Unless you’re entirely using clear plastic containers, you won’t be able to see what’s in your boxes at a glance. Be sure to label your boxes—and it’s helpful to do so on all four sides. If there are fragile items inside, use a bright marker or label to denote it on the box. Once you’ve labeled all your boxes, create a list or a spreadsheet of your boxes so that you can easily navigate your boxes later.

Moving and storage supplies in a Space Shop office.

Other Packing Tricks

Storage Tips

Unit Organization

Protecting Your Belongings

Our storage units feature concrete floors, which are sturdy and resistant to damage and scratches. However, concrete can become cold or damp, which could potentially damage boxes or items placed on the ground. So, we recommend using a tarp or pallets to place under your belongings. In addition, be sure to place lighter boxes on top of heavier boxes so that your belongings don’t get crushed, and keep sharp or heavy items away from cushions or upholstered furnishings.

Organizing Your Storage Space

Don’t just place boxes in your storage unit randomly—plan your storage unit so that you’ll be able to access all your items easily and reserve space for additional items should you need them. Create an aisle—even a short one—so that you can navigate your unit easily. Arrange your unit such that your most frequently accessed items are near the door and long-term storage items are near the back.

Other Storage Tricks

Use vertical space. Shelves and smart box arrangement unlock another dimension of storage and greatly expand what you can do in your unit.

Leave refrigerator doors open. This helps ventilate your fridge and prevents odors and moisture from building up inside.

Prop mattresses upright. A mattress bent during storage might develop lumps or never return to its original shape.

Keep important items front and center. If you know you’ll be in need of something sooner rather than later, make sure to keep these items near the front of your unit so retrieving these belongings is as convenient as possible.

Avoid putting wet items in your storage space. This can create mold, mildew, and cause other types of water damage.

Plan in advance. Make a general plan of how furniture and boxes will be placed inside your unit before getting started.

Got More Questions? We’ve Got Answers

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