Types of Self Storage Units


All storage units share similarities and are ideal for all kinds of storage uses, from the short term to the long term. But no two storage facilities or storage units are identical, as they both come in varying types in addition to sizes. So what storage unit is right for you? At Space Shop, you’ve got options.

Standard Units

Standard storage units are simple: four walls, a floor, and a ceiling, along with a lockable door. Whether they’re outside or inside, these are no-frills units that are often the most cost-efficient option in the facility. Like all our units, they come in a variety of sizes, from small to extra large.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate-controlled storage units, also known as temperature-controlled storage units, help protect your stored belongings from extreme temperatures as well as rapid changes in temperature and humidity that can damage certain items. Heated and cooled, our climate-controlled units are ideal for delicate items that you wouldn’t put in a non-climate-controlled unit.


Drive-Up Units

Available in both standard and climate-controlled configurations, drive-up units are extremely convenient storage options. These units open up directly to a driveway or parking space, which allows you to load and unload directly from your vehicle. This convenience makes drive-up units ideal if you regularly stop by your unit.

Exterior Units

Exterior storage units are individual units that are located outdoors. They can come in standard and climate-controlled varieties. While gate access is required, you do not need a separate building code to access them. Exterior units are ground floor units.

Front of storage facility showing storage units and front entrance.

Inside of storage facility looking down hallways of indoor units.

Interior Units

Interior storage units are located within a larger storage complex. An access code is required to get into the building, and each unit has its own individual lock as well. Interior units can come in standard or climate-controlled varieties. They can also be on the ground floor or an upper level with elevator access.

Find the Storage Facility for You

At Space Shop, we have storage units of all types and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a small, climate-controlled interior storage unit or large, standard exterior unit, you can find them at one of our storage facilities. Each of our storage facilities features a different blend of storage types and sizes, so be sure to find the right storage facility near you to find the storage unit that you need.