Covid-19 Health Response and Procedures

At Space Shop Self Storage, we know that our customers continue to need storage to navigate life events, declutter, store business inventory, and more. We also know that it’s important for our employees and customers to be safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, we take our responsibility seriously in providing necessary services and in doing our part to keep everyone as safe as possible.

When you come to Space Shop, you can be assured that we’re doing what we can to provide a convenient and healthy storage experience. Here are a few of the policies that we’re committing to for the duration of the pandemic.

Contact-Free Rental Options

Renting a storage unit online has never been easier. Simply navigate to your desired Space Shop storage facility, and select the unit that you want. You can either rent your unit and move in as soon as today or reserve your unit payment and move in later. You’ll be emailed all relevant information once you complete the rental process and can start moving in on your own—no human contact necessary.

Face Mask Requirements

For your safety, face coverings must be worn by all employees during all customer interactions. We strongly encourage our customers to wear face masks or coverings while in our property.

Social Distancing and Plexiglass Shielding

We are committed to keeping proper six-foot social distancing in all employee or customer interaction. When that’s not possible or feasible, we combine other preventive measures for maximum protection. One such measure is plexiglass barriers, which are installed in our rental offices to prevent particle transmission in the event of sneezes or coughs.

Employee Handwashing and Sanitation Measures

All employees are required to ensure they are keeping frequent and adequate hand washing, as well as ensuring that they are keeping cleaning supplies stocked. In addition, the following sanitation measures are also being implemented:

Additional Cleaning Practices

Space Shop employees will also implement the following additional cleaning procedures:

Potential Exposure and Sickness Protocol

Space Shop has distributed a response plan for potential exposure to all our employees. Any employee that has had close contact to an individual with a confirmed or suspected Covid-19 infection must follow the CDC guidelines for Potential Exposure for Critical Infrastructure Employees. These measures include recommended isolation, daily temperature checks, and more.

Your Safety and Health Is Important

As an essential service, self storage is an important tool for businesses, students, and residents alike. At Space Shop, we’re doing everything that we can to make our facility a clean and safe place for you to store your belongings. If you have any questions about our Covid-19 procedures, contact us today.