Spring Cleaning Tips While You’re Stuck at Home

Spring Cleaning Tips While You’re Stuck at Home

With the extra time we’re spending at home lately, now is the perfect time to focus on spring cleaning. Not only will it leave your home clean and organized, but it can help relieve stress and help you enjoy your home more. So follow these spring cleaning tips while you’re at home!

Spring cleaning tips while you’re stuck at home

Got a junk drawer? Perfect place to start! We all have one: the drawer that holds…. everything. Start your spring cleaning by emptying your junk drawer and finding homes for those items. Then, create a purpose for this drawer and only store items that meet that purpose. This is a great way to start to get organized. 

Organize your closet. Ah, yes. One of the most dreaded cleaning tasks. It may seem daunting, but tackling it will make you feel more organized and ready for the summer. Store your winter clothes away (we can help with that!) and make room for summer clothes. And if you find clothes you haven’t worn in a while, donate or sell them. If you need some more tips for organizing your closet, just click here

Clean out your pantry and fridge. These can often get overlooked while we’re cleaning, so it’s a great idea to focus on them early on. Toss any expired items you find and wipe down shelves and drawers. Reorganize your remaining items and take inventory on staples you may need soon. 

Deep clean! Now for the fun part. Deep clean spots in your home that you might not normally get to when you’re tidying up. Floorboards, behind the toilets, ceiling fans… get to deep cleaning! Start with the largest room in your home and slowly move on until you’ve cleaned your entire home. Everyone loves a fresh start. 

Reorganize furniture. As you’re deep cleaning, or after you finish, take a look at the rooms in which you spend the most time: could any of them use a refresh? Reorganizing a room can give you the change you need to feel energized and refueled in your home. 

Head outside! Clean up your yard, pull weeds, trim hedges and trees, and clean your patio and patio furniture. With the weather getting nicer, a clean and organized outdoor area can give you the perfect escape when you feel like you need to get out of the house. 

We’re spending more time at home, so we should enjoy it! Take a weekend or two to spring clean your home and see how it transforms the way you feel. 

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