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14 Jun
Cluttered items surrounding box.
The Role of Storage in the Decluttering and Downsizing Process

In today’s fast-paced society, decluttering and downsizing have become popular as people seek a simpler, more organized lifestyle. Decluttering involves removing unnecessary items from our living spaces, while downsizing entails transitioning to a smaller home or living arrangement. In this article, we will explore the role of self-storage in facilitating decluttering and downsizing, providing a...

22 May
Exterior of storage units.
What Happens if You Don’t Have Storage Insurance? Risks and Consequences

Storage insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage for personal or business property stored in a storage facility. Despite the importance of storage insurance, many people may overlook its significance and forget to purchase it. However, not having storage insurance can result in risks and consequences that could lead to significant financial...

13 Apr
Man moving storage boxes into storage unit.
How to Choose the Right Self-Storage Unit for Your Needs

Self-storage units have grown in popularity as consumers seek secure and accessible places to store their stuff. A self-storage unit can be the ideal answer for all your items. So, with so many possibilities, the right question is, how can you choose the right self-storage unit for your needs? This article will look at several...

27 Mar
Couple surrounded by storage boxes.
How Self-Storage Can Simplify Your Long Distance Move

Because of a number of challenges and obstacles that may arise, long-distance moving calls for meticulous preparation. You’re undoubtedly thrilled to be embarking on such an adventure, but the prospect of relocating so far away may make you feel a little overwhelmed. After all, you’ll have enough on your mind trying to sell your home,...

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