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09 Jun
Clothes Storage Tips
Clothes Storage Tips

Now is the time that you may find yourself storing winter clothes to make room for spring and summer clothes. But how do you store all of those clothes? See below for our top clothes storage tips.  Where to store your clothes Consider storing your clothes in your attic, another room, underneath your bed, or...

02 Jun
Spring Cleaning Tips While You’re Stuck at Home
Spring Cleaning Tips While You’re Stuck at Home

With the extra time we’re spending at home lately, now is the perfect time to focus on spring cleaning. Not only will it leave your home clean and organized, but it can help relieve stress and help you enjoy your home more. So follow these spring cleaning tips while you’re at home! Spring cleaning tips...

19 May
are storage units safe
Are Storage Units Safe?

Are storage units safe? At the right facility, yes! We know there are plenty of concerns when it comes to storage units, so we’re here to address those concerns and give you some peace of mind.  What to look for in a storage unit to ensure the safety of your belongings:  Security Locks/keypads Cameras Locked...

12 May
benefit of climate-controlled storage
The Benefit of Climate-Controlled Storage

What’s the benefit of climate-controlled storage? Is it worth it?  Climate-controlled storage units are kept at optimal temperatures, so even in the heat of the summer or the freezing winters, you can trust that your items will be safe. Extreme temperatures can result in furniture damage, cracked or warped wood, and even pests.  Here are...

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