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27 Oct
Woman packing clothes into cardboard box.
Items in Your Storage Unit to Take Special Care Of in Winter

The winter season is nearing, and it is time to put away the things we won’t use until the following year. We won’t be needing our summer clothes, parasols, hammocks, etc., in winter. However, it can be tricky to find room inside the house for all your things where they won’t get damaged or clutter...

10 Oct
Woman standing against a ladder taking a break from painting her house.
How Storage Makes Home Renovation Easier

Renting a storage unit has many benefits that are the most prominent when one is doing a home renovation. So, if you intend to initiate such a project, consider why storage makes home renovation easier and decide whether it is worth the investment. You can use the process of preparing your stuff for storage to...

27 Sep
Person wrapping item preparing to move.
Best Ways to Pack Books for Storage

If you’re a book lover, you’ve probably collected a substantial library over the years. However, all the books you have gathered, from childhood favorites to modern thrillers, may take up a lot of room in your house. And if you ever need to move or store them to make your home more spacious, dealing with...

25 Aug
Woman dumping laundry onto the floor.
How to Get Rid of Storage Odors from Clothing

So, you’ve taken your old or seasonal clothes out of storage to be used again and have noticed that they don’t smell as fresh as they used to when first packing them. This issue can be annoying and time-consuming, depending on the volume of clothes you have stored away. Don’t worry – this problem won’t...

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