Items in Your Storage Unit to Take Special Care Of in Winter

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The winter season is nearing, and it is time to put away the things we won’t use until the following year. We won’t be needing our summer clothes, parasols, hammocks, etc., in winter. However, it can be tricky to find room inside the house for all your things where they won’t get damaged or clutter up your home. Because of this, many people rent a personal storage unit. Most storage units that professional companies rent out are correctly maintained to keep your items safe. The air circulation is good, the air is dry, there are no rats or other rodents, the doors are secure, and so on. However, some things are just unavoidable with temperature shifts that come with different seasons. Some items do not belong in a storage unit, while others will need extra care if you plan to keep them stored away for more extended periods. We will discuss some items in your storage unit to take special care of in winter and how to do it.

First things first, preparing your storage unit

You will want to correctly prepare your storage unit before storing anything. You should thoroughly clean the unit, and many companies do the unit cleaning and maintenance themselves. However, that might not always be the case, and you might have to clean the storage unit yourself. You should sweep the floor and wash it with a mop and floor cleaner. Once everything is clean and sterile, you can begin considering how to store your items for the winter safely.

One piece of advice given by the experts at is to pay special attention to the walls of your storage unit, especially if it’s newly rented. There must not be any cracks or holes in the wall. Your unit has to be secure from drafts, leaks, and rodents. Otherwise, it will be futile to focus on the items in your storage unit to take special care of when the weather conditions from the outside are seeping through.

How to keep humidity-sensitive items safe

Many items are sensitive to a humid environment, and there is always the risk of humidity finding its way inside your storage unit. You should keep old photos, vinyl, documents, etc., in plastic bags. Items made of paper, such as books, are sensitive to humidity and need to be properly packed before being put in the storage unit.

Furniture is also sensitive to humid environments. It would help if you wrapped your couch, chairs, tables, and so on in plastic covers to keep them dry. Metal is affected by humidity as well. Metal parts in your furniture, like the springs in your couch, can become rusty and brittle if not protected.

How to properly store clothing

Clothes are one of the main things on our list of items in your storage unit to take special care of. Therefore you must adequately pack your seasonal or old garments for the winter. Otherwise, they may pick up odor and get stained or ruined.

A wardrobe box is an excellent way to store clothes safely throughout the winter. Another option is to use vacuum-plastic bags. They are perfect because you can put a lot of clothes in one bag. You will save a lot of space this way. In addition, your clothes will be kept fresh and clean longer in a vacuum. Storing many clothes and items sensitive to humidity can quickly overwhelm you with plastic. To avoid cluttering your storage unit, consider some more sustainable choices to reduce waste when packing.

You should also avoid placing your clothes on the ground. Instilling free-standing shelves is a great way to make the most out of your storage unit. Having shelves will help you use the vertical space in your storage unit more efficiently. It will also help you keep things more organized.

Choosing the proper storage unit for you

As you can see, the items in your storage unit are under significant threat from outside weather conditions. That is why many storage unit companies offer climate-controlled storage units. As the name suggests, you can keep the climate inside the unit under control to maintain a stable temperature. It can omit humidity, reduce the amount of dust and dirt gathering, and so on. If you want to keep many sensitive items in your storage unit, you might consider getting a climate-controlled storage unit.

Climate-controlled units, however, are not a necessity. Properly packing the items can be enough to keep them safe over the winter. You can use wooden pallets to keep all your belongings off the ground where it’s the coldest. Additionally, it would help if you didn’t put your belongings directly against the storage unit’s walls. The cold and the humidity from outside can creep through the walls and damage your items. Take a look at the condition of your storage unit and how to best use your space.

Final thoughts

We have mentioned some of the most sensitive items in your storage unit to take special care of. The most important thing to remember is to pack these items in proper containers or covers before putting them away for the winter. The cold and the humidity are some of the things that pose the greatest threat to your belongings. A climate-controlled storage unit is of great help for keeping your items safe, but it costs more. But, as you can see, there are ways to keep your things safe even without having a specialized storage unit. Proper preparation can save you a lot of worries and keep your items safe until the warmer seasons return next year.

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