Christmas Ornaments Storage Tips

Box of ornaments

While we’re certainly not ready to say goodbye to Christmas decorations just yet, we know it’s only a matter of time before we become “that neighbor” who leaves their decorations up way too long. But in order to get the most out of your decorations and prepare for next year, follow these ornament storage tips. 

  1. Wrap them up! Many of our most coveted ornaments are very fragile. Wrap them up in bubble wrap, tissue paper, or even cloth in order to keep them safe. 
  2. Store them separately and securely. Don’t let your ornaments crash into each other! Store them away from other decorations that can handle being moved about, and store them in a storage bin or box with dividers. You have a few different options:
    1. The best free option is to save a box that ornaments come in so you can ensure they have the perfect amount of space in between each. 
    2. A beer or wine box can also be a great option. Many liquor stores will give these away if you ask, and they’ll give you secure dividers to keep your fragile ornaments safe. 
    3. Depending on the size of your ornaments, you could also use an old egg carton. Just make sure it’s clean and sturdy! 
    4. A tackle box would also work well, and you can fit more than just ornaments here – if you have any other smaller decorations or pieces to decor, this is a great option.
    5. You can also purchase a container built especially for ornaments. You can find plenty on Amazon – just click here.
  3. Store your ornaments in a climate-controlled environment. Any moisture that gets trapped inside your storage bins can damage your ornaments over time. The best way to avoid moisture is to store your ornaments in a climate-controlled environment. It’s best to avoid the basement and attic. Your best option is to store in a climate-controlled storage unit. 
  4. Consider removing metal hooks. This is to prevent scratching the ornaments (and you as you unpack next year!). It can be a daunting task depending on how many ornaments you have, but can save you plenty of scrapings and scratches. If you simply don’t have the time to do this, try to keep the hooks outside of the material you use to wrap the ornaments. 

The day we put away holiday decorations can be a sad one, but it can become even more sad if your ornaments (especially the most beloved and cherished ones!) end up breaking. So spend some time keeping them safe and secure, and you’ll be on your way to many more successful (and well-decorated!) Christmases in the future. Need some more tips for storing and organizing holiday decorations? Click here.

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