How to Store Appliances

a set of household kitchen appliances that need to be stored

If not properly stored, appliances can leave storage units damaged or in bad condition. In order to avoid any potential issues (and costs!), it’s important to know how to store appliances. Below are some tips to follow to keep them in great condition. 

Clean your appliances before storing

Take the time to drain and clean every area of your appliance(s), including filters and tubes, in order to prevent freezing and mold growth. 

Clean out any food particles, stains, liquid, or dust before you store them. Even the smallest of particles can cause big problems if ignored before storing. 

Protect your appliances from pests

It’s never a bad idea to spray your appliances with pesticides before storing. Just be sure to allow the spray to fully dry before storing. Once you take your appliance out of storage, ensure you wash it thoroughly to protect against these chemicals. 

Wrap and tape doors shut

Use moving tape and/or wrapping film to keep the doors of your appliances closed. This is especially important when you’re transporting your appliances, but it’s not a bad idea to keep them shut while they’re being stored for an added layer of protection. 

Store appliances upright and toward the back of your storage unit

Many appliances can become damaged if not stored upright. You’ll want to keep them in the back of your storage unit as they’re heavier and larger, but also for added protection. It’s a great idea to store your appliances off of the ground by using pallets, and avoid storing heavy items on top of them to avoid dents or pressure. 

Consider a climate-controlled storage unit

This will ensure the temperature of your storage unit is kept constant and that electronic or mechanical parts of your appliances are protected. You’re less likely to experience any mold, mildew, or pests with a climate-controlled unit. You can learn about the benefits of climate-controlled units here.

Keep appliances turned off and unplugged while being stored

This will help keep your appliances safe and able to last longer once out of storage. 

As you store your appliances and other items, make sure you have the proper size unit and that you’re being taken care of. When you store with Space Shop, you can have confidence that your items are in good hands. 

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