4 Tips for Storing Yard Tools

Gardening supplies in and leaning against a wheelbarrow.

Saying goodbye to summer can be sad. There’s always a silver lining, though! Colder weather means less yard work. While you’re taking a break, so are your summer yard tools, but they can take up more space than you have to offer. Before you just rush them to storage, though, make sure they’re prepped for the winter ahead. Take a look at these 4 easy tips for storing yard tools this season.

1. Clean before storing yard tools

This goes for any items that you’re storing. Dirt and oil left on items that are stored have a tendency to damage your belongings for good. Your summer yard tools and gardening tools are not immune.

Dirt and mud clumps contain moisture that can leave you with some rusty tools. If the dirt on your tools doesn’t come off easily, a wire brush should do the trick. For the stickier messes, like sap, turpentine will leave your yard tools fresh and ready to go. Be sure to clean off the turpentine with denatured alcohol for a full clean. If you’ve already fallen victim to dirty yard tools and rust has set in, vinegar should remove it.

2. Take care of metal tools

We hit on rust in the last tip, but for completely metal tools, it’s a good idea to go the extra mile. Before storing yard tools like a stake punch that are all metal, a coat of spray-on rust-oleum paint can allow you to rest easy, knowing that your tools are sitting in storage rust-free. For tools that have metal ends, like certain shovels, put them in a bucket filled with sand to keep the metal dry. If those items have wood handles, sand them down gently and coat them in linseed oil to completely protect your tools.

3. Help your lawnmower rest easy

Since the lawnmower is probably one of your more expensive yard tools, it’s important to store it properly. The first step is removing the battery and cleaning the terminal. There are battery cleaner products you can use or a metal brush can do the job.

As for the fuel, do not leave a tank that is partly filled. Either run the mower dry of fuel or use a fuel stabilizer with a full tank. You should never store items with gasoline or other flammable materials in them.

The last step before it’s ready to store is to remove the spark plug lead and clean underneath. Turn the machine on its side and brush off all dirt and grass that is stuck underneath. Water can go a long way for this part if you want to hose it off instead.

Many people make the mistake of storing their lawnmowers next to items that contain moisture like gas cans or water heaters. It’s important to store the equipment in a proper place, which takes us to our final tip!

4. Location is key to storing yard tools

Location, location, location! You need to feel certain that your tools are being stored in a cool, dry place, safe from pests and dirt and all the things that can attack your items. Look no further than The Space Shop. With monthly pest control, landscaping, and security cameras, your belongings will be safe in one of the cleanest storage locations around. Protect your tools. We go above and beyond to offer what fits your needs. Let us know how we can care for your yard tools!

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