Storage units at Space Shop Self Storage

Storage Tips


  • Start with good quality boxes that will stand up to moving and storage.
  • Fill boxes to capacity but don’t under fill or overstuff; otherwise, they will be difficult to stack.
  • Wardrobe boxes allow you to store your clothing on hangers, which keeps their shapes intact and makes it easier to unpack and pack your closets.
  • Pack heavy items in smaller boxes so they’re easier to lift.
  • Take pictures of your stored items and/or make a comprehensive list. Keep it in a safe place at home.
  • Label your boxes on all four sides.
  • Wrap dishes, glasses, and other fragile items in paper or bubble wrap before packing carefully into boxes.
  • Wrap furniture legs with bubble wrap to protect them from dents and scratches.
  • Wrap mirrors and pictures in paper or bubble wrap then pack in picture/mirror boxes marked “FRAGILE” and stack on end.
  • Use shrink-wrap to keep goods from getting scratched, keep protective covers in place, and dresser drawers closed.
Moving supplies at Space Shop Self Storage
Brand new storage facility at Space Shop Self Storage


  • Any concrete floor may become cold or damp. Prepare your storage unit by placing a protective cover or pallet on the floor under your goods.
  • Plan your storage space – put items you would like to access near the front.
  • To maximize space, stack similar sized boxes together.
  • Create an aisle in the middle of your storage unit so you can access things more easily.
  • Do not place heavy or sharp items on top of cushions or upholstered furnishings.
  • Leave refrigerators and freezer doors open for ventilation when storing.
  • If you stand mattresses on their side, prop them up so they stand straight. Otherwise, they might bend out of shape or become lumpy.