Why Climate Control is Important in Self Storage

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If you’re looking for self storage, you’ve likely come across those that are climate controlled as well as those that are not. What are the benefits and why should you choose a climate-controlled unit over one that’s not?

Here are 8 reasons why climate control is important in self storage:

  1. High humidity can increase your risk of pests, rust, mold, and mildew within your storage unit — all of which pose their own additional threats and can mean severe damage to your items.

  2. Temperature changes, such as going from freezing to warm can cause wood and metal to expand and contract, which could mean warping, splitting, cracking, and more damage. If you’re storing wooden furniture, this is especially important. Many tables, chairs, dressers, and more become damaged after sitting in an uncontrolled storage unit even for just a few months.

  3. Extreme heat or sunlight can cause fabrics and papers to turn yellow or discolored. If you’re storing books, magazines, newspapers, clothing items, or furniture with fabric, a climate controlled unit can help keep these things in top shape and eliminate the risk of discoloration.

  4. Dampness can cause mold, mildew, and plenty of odors, which can spread throughout your entire storage unit and even those around you. Rain can cause severe damage near a unit that isn’t climate controlled, and it’s tough to be certain there aren’t any leaks or holes in a unit outdoors.

  5. Moisture can cause metal to rust, erode, weaken, and break. If you’re storing any metal furniture, electronics, or metal family keepsakes, it’s vital that you store your items in a climate-controlled facility in order to protect them.

  6. Extreme cold can damage electronics. A climate-controlled unit is safe for electronics because the temperature will never get too hot or too cold.

  7. Hot, moist areas can attract rodents and insects, which can cause even more damage to your items.

  8. Plus, having a climate controlled storage unit means you won’t be sweating while you’re moving items in and out of your storage unit!

Many of our facilities include storage units that are climate controlled and fully indoors, meaning your items are protected from any potential weather threats. We ensure every floor is equipped with a dehumidifier and that the temperature never poses any threats to your belongings.

We care about your items and ensure they’re taken care of. Have any questions about other amenities we offer, or interested in checking out one of our locations? Contact us – we can’t wait to talk with you!

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