Tips for Keeping Your Items Safe in Winter Storage

A couple in Christmas sweaters packing up their kitchen.

Your belongings are out of the cold and in storage for the winter, but does that mean they’re safe? Cold and lack of usage can actually damage your items. Keep them save with these winter storage tips:

Start with a good cleaning

Dirty items can attract pests, but they can also severely damage your items. Give your belongings a good cleaning before you start storing them.

Cover up

Use cotton or wool covers. This helps protect your items from bugs, dust, and scratches. Just be sure not to use any materials that can trap moisture, such as plastic or vinyl. Newspaper can also be used if you don’t have enough cotton or wool covers. Packing peanuts  Packing materials also work as insulators to protect your things from the cold, giving you greater security during winter.

Keep electronics elevated

The ground loses heat easily, and electronics can become extremely damaged from the cold. Keep them elevated — place them on top of furniture, store them in boxes, or place them in shelves.

Store tools and yard equipment safely

Clean your tools thoroughly and remove any gas before storing your tools and yard equipment. Keep them inside so they don’t get damaged by the cold or rust from rain or snow. You’re typically unable to store lawn mowers in storage units, but a garage or shed works nicely.

Tis the season to be cold! But your belongings don’t have to be. Keep these tips in mind as you store your items this winter and you’ll keep them in great shape. Need a storage unit? Find a Space Shop storage unit near you. We have plenty that are climate controlled, which adds an extra layer of protection from the cold.

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