Live Greener in 5 Easy Steps

Empty plastic water bottles.

Being environmentally conscious doesn’t have to involve a lifestyle overhaul. There are simple steps you can take every day to minimize your impact on the environment, and none of them take much work. To get you started, here are five easy ways you can make a difference today.

Give up plastic water bottles

Want to know something shocking? Globally, humans use 1 million plastic water bottles per minute – and a whopping 91 percent of those are not recycled, according to Forbes. Cutting down on or eliminating your use of plastic water bottles is one of the easiest and most effective steps you can take if you want to live greener. Invest in a good-quality plastic or stainless-steel reusable water bottle and reap the environmental and economic savings.

Eat all the food you buy

This one may sound obvious, but it’s harder than you realize. The Atlantic recently reported that 60 million tons of produce is discarded in the United States every year. That’s half of all the produce in the country! When you do your grocery shopping, make sure you’re only buying as much as you’re actually able to eat, or buy frozen veggies, which have a much longer shelf life.

Unplug your appliances

Some of your appliances use power whenever they’re plugged in, not just when they’re being used. Your television, video game consoles, laptops, and more gadgets suck up tons of “vampire power” even when they’re turned off. If you can, consider unplugging these devices when they’re turned off, or invest in energy-efficient versions. The planet – and your wallet – will thank you.

Cancel all junk mail

Do you find piles of junk mail every time you open the mailbox? These leaflets aren’t just annoying, they’re a major contributor to waste in this country. According to the Chicago Tribune, junk mail uses more than 100 million trees per year, and most of it goes directly into the trash or recycling. Luckily, you can actually do something about it. Go to to find out how to remove your name from mailing lists, and free yourself from unwanted mail.

Buy used

Every time you buy an item secondhand, you’re doing good for the environment in two ways. One, you’re saving it from being relegated to the landfill, and two, you’re eliminating the need for a brand-new version of the product, saving lots of resources in manufacturing. Whether you’re buying clothes, home goods, toys, or furniture, you’re doing your part to prevent waste.

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