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As the leaves start to change, so does our style. That’s right. It’s sweater weather. Pull those jeans out of storage and put away the swimsuit. Don’t just throw those summer clothes in the back of your closet, though. Make sure you’re storing clothes properly and keep them looking fresh for Spring!

Here’s your complete guide to storing clothes:

Clean Clothes Only

It’s never a bad practice to wash your clothes. This is especially true when you’re planning to store them. If you choose not to do this before storing clothes, you might be saying goodbye to your favorite shirt when you pull it out to wear in the Spring. Existing stains set in and become harder to get rid of, but that’s not all. The oils left on your clothes will start to attract rodents and insects that are on a mission to destroy your clothes. So give it an extra wash and make sure that all the clothes your storing get rinsed fully.

Vacuum-Sealed Storing?

Vacuum-sealed bags can be great for saving space, especially for a short period of time, but you should know what you’re getting into with these bags. If your clothes are vacuum-sealed for too long, the fibers are compressed and the structure of the fabric can be damaged. Some people believe that it takes as much time for the fibers to decompress as they were compressing. For example, if you’re clothes were in a vacuum-sealed bag for two years, they won’t be back to normal for another two years. The choice is one you’ll have to make, but there are plenty of other options for storing your clothing.

Containing Clothes

So if not vacuum-sealed storage containers, then what? An air-tight container is still a great idea! Too much air can allow moisture that will cause mold to grow on your clothes. Plastic containers with lids are great for this reason. Make sure that they are clean and dry. For extra protection, add a cotton sheet to line the container.

Do not try to cut costs by using plastic bags or cardboard boxes. Plastic bags can trap in moisture or start to yellow clothes that are lighter colors. This means dry cleaning bags, too. Cardboard boxes don’t provide much protection and can easily be infiltrated by pests and rodents.

Storing Clothes with Mothballs

While mothballs are a well-known repellent, their bad smell is also well-known. They’re a popular repellent because they work, but wooden cedar balls are an option that is just as effective and they don’t have the smell. If you do want to use one of these repellents, do not place them directly on your clothes. The best way to use them is by placing them on top of the container you’re storing clothes in.

Store Properly

One of the most important things for storing your clothes is where you store them. Any old garage or shed will guarantee you some issues when you go to take your clothes out of storage. The Space Shop can guarantee that your clothes will be in the best environment possible. We’ll even give you complimentary cookies, just so you know that your clothes are in good hands. Find a location near you!

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