How to Downsize When Moving

How to Downsize When Moving

Considering downsizing while moving? It may seem like a daunting task or an outrageous idea (especially if you have a lot of items that you can’t imagine parting with!), but taking it slowly, one step at a time, will help you downsize and prepare for a more minimal lifestyle in your new home. 

How to downsize when moving:

  1. Take inventory of each room. Spend some time focusing on each room, its purpose as a whole, and the purpose of each item included. What can you part with and what do you absolutely need in your next home? 
  2. Take measurements of your future home. If possible, measure each room of your future home as well as areas where you’re thinking of placing furniture. Use these measurements to give you a realistic idea of what you can fit in the new home and what you cannot. 
  3. Begin planning out your new rooms. Plan how you’ll be furnishing the rooms in your new home. Create a purpose for each room in order to help you decide what needs to go. 
  4. Create a list of items you can part with. Start with a large list, eliminate as needed, and stick to your list once it’s finalized. 
  5. Let them go! This can be the toughest part of downsizing, but take some time to be thankful for the purpose your items have served and allow yourself to move on. 
  6. Consider donating or selling some items. Why not make some extra change or make someone else happy with the items you’re parting with? 
  7. Go through the dreaded junk drawer! Go beyond the larger items like furniture and take some time to declutter. This can help you downsize as well; the less “junk” you have, the less storage space you’ll need. 
  8. Digitize. Have a lot of paperwork or documents that you need? What about photos? Digitizing them can save you plenty of storage space. 
  9. Store keepsakes. While downsizing can feel amazing, there are some items that are so sentimental (even if they don’t serve a purpose) that it can be incredibly tough to part with them. And you shouldn’t have to! If you can’t find a place to keep your keepsakes or sentimental items, consider putting them in a storage unit. This way, you don’t have to part with them but you also don’t have to make room for them. As you get better at downsizing and minimizing, you may find the right spot for them in your new home. Check out our locations to find the one that’s right for you. 

Good luck as you downsize and declutter! If you need any additional resources as you pack and move, browse our blog here.

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