Garden Tool Storage Tips

Farm tools stood up outside shed.

Have you been gardening lately? Between springtime and quarantine, plenty of people are hopping on the gardening train. But in order to get the most out of your gardening venture, make sure you’re keeping your tools safe with these garden tool storage tips. 

Keep your tools in a covered space. 

Rust can claim the lives of plenty of garden tools, so keep them hidden away from dew and rain. 

Clean your garden tools regularly. 

Besides moisture, another enemy of a garden tool is dirt. However, we know that if you’re using your garden tools correctly, you’re going to get dirt on them. Clean them after each use and even oil them regularly with an oil like WD-40. 

Hang up your tools after each use. 

Especially when it comes to larger tools or things that can get waterlogged, hang them up or prop them up off the ground to keep them safe. 

Drain any tools that use water. 

If you’re using a hose or a watering can, make sure you get rid of any residual water after use to once again avoid rust. If you’re using a hose, empty it completely, recoil, and hang it up after you’re finished. 

Consider self storage during the off-seasons. 

When you’re not using your garden tools regularly, consider storing them in a storage unit to free up space for winter tools. 

We have plenty of storage units of different sizes so you can ensure we have something for you. Check here for our sizes, locations, and prices. 

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