5 Important Storage Tips for Grads

A stack of books with a graduation cap setting on top.

Whether you’ve recently graduated yourself, or you’re a parent of a recent grad, you likely have a lot of items that could use some storage. It can be tough to find useful storage tips for grads, but you’ve come to the right place.

Get a storage unit.

Getting a storage unit early on is a great idea. If you just graduated high school, you’ve likely already begun accumulating items for your dorm or apartment. Instead of cluttering your room with all these items, begin storing them away to help keep your last few months at your parents’ house stress-free and organized. As you move into your new place, use this storage unit to store the items you won’t need while you’re away at college. For college grads, utilizing a storage unit can come in handy as you transition into your next phase of life.

Store books correctly.

When storing books, make sure they’re stored horizontally in a small, sturdy box. This will help you save space but also help keep the books intact, as storing vertically can damage their spines.

Keep your clothing safe.

We recommend storing clothes in clear plastic boxes, but cardboard boxes will do the trick if you can’t get your hands on some plastic ones. Make sure your clothes and the boxes are clean before storing. Try to keep clothing separated by season so it’s easy to pop in and grab the boxes you’ll need for the next few months as the weather changes.

Take care of appliances.

Living in a dorm likely means you have a few small appliances, namely a mini fridge. Make sure you clean out all appliances before storing them, and leave doors open to allow air flow. This goes for microwaves, mini fridges, and even washers and dryers.

Take inventory.

Between your parents’ house, your college place, and your storage unit, items can get lost if you’re not careful. Take some time now to set yourself up for success later. Take a list of everything that you store, and group your list items by box. If you have an entire box full of kitchen supplies, make sure you note that, and note which specific items are in there. Later, when you’re moving to a bigger place or you decide it’s finally time to learn to cook on your own, you won’t have to call mom and dad to find your kitchen items; you’ll know exactly where they are.

Taking time now to organize your items can save you time and stress later. This is a big transition for you, and losing items or living in clutter can take away some of the fun and excitement.

Need some more storage tips? Check out the rest of our blog for helpful resources and tips to keep your items safe.

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