Climate Controlled storage at Space Shop Self Storage

Woodstock Climate-Controlled Storage

Are you looking for climate-controlled storage units in Woodstock? Whether you need to store the entire contents of your home or a few seasonal items, Space Shop Self Storage is here to help solve your storage dilemma. Superior Customer Service and exceptional storage make Space Shop storage units in Woodstock a leading self storage provider.

Local Georgia businesses can count on Space Shop’s temperature-controlled spaces to safely store everything from important files and tax documents to business inventory. Climate-controlled 5X5 and 10X10 storage units are also ideal for pharmaceutical representatives who need to store their samples in a secure, dry space. Here are some examples of the types of materials that can be affected by extreme temperature swings:

  • Wood: Furniture can crack and warp when exposed to high temperatures and humidity.
  • Paper and Fabrics: Books, scrapbooks, photo albums, and heirloom clothing can fade and disintegrate in extremely hot or cold temperatures.
  • Metals: Knives, pots, pans, and metal artwork can rust and corrode when exposed to high humidity.
  • Electronics: Extreme temperatures and humidity can damage computers, cameras, TVs, and high-tech appliances with electronic components.

Our storage facility is located at the intersection of Highway 92 and Village Drive in Woodstock, Georgia. We offer self storage units that are affordable, air cooled, and clean. Our Storage Consultants look forward to meeting you and providing a great storage experience that includes specialty coffees and warm cookies.

Climate controlled storage at Space Shop Self Storage in Woodstock